Website Analytics Blackout from Election Day 2020 until Fox News Declared a Presidential Winner

Did anyone else experience a website analytics blackout from Election Day 2020 until Fox News declared a Presidential winner?

The two weeks and especially the week before were also very low for

No traffic was recorded from Election Day Nov. 3rd until just before noon Nov. 7th.

It is true that there aren’t tons of regular viewers yet, as is in its infancy (born June 15th) and has only gained the attention of two or three hundred people yet. The amount of visitors and views is, however, enough to start making statistical conclusions about the website analytics blackout from Election Day 2020 until Fox News declared a Presidential winner.

On day two of the blackout, I noticed the anomalously low traffic and thought it was strange. has never experienced more than two consecutive days without traffic. That, on top of the fact that the election just happened and traffic was obviously expected, alerted me to the anomaly. So, I asked friends to visit. They did and were able to use the site like any other day, indicating the anomaly was confined to the analytics reporting and the attack was not capable of disrupting website functionality.

How Could This Happen?

While I’m not able to thoroughly communicate who is in charge of measurement reporting, it is clear that, if this is in fact a deliberate action from some power out there in the realm of big tech and not a happenstance, much less than 0.01% likelihood coincidence, it was meant to be a Tokyo Rose signal – an attempt to lower my journalistic morale during the key interval.

Why did it stop just minutes after Fox News prematurely declared a winner? The formation of the official narrative had completed. It took days of ballot adjustments, mysterious shipments, computer algorithm modifications, ballot gathering after Nov 3rd, etc. to offset President Trump having received 11 million more votes than four years ago. Once the narrative got solidified, mainstream news knew which fake news to unanimously report and big tech knew which real news to transparently ruthlessly censor.

Five to seven million votes is the approximate margin to which the fraud has been pushed in the most recent elections. It’s continually sold by mainstream media as believable, so the fraud has continued largely unchallenged. It’s very advantageous to Democrats to falsely claim the popular vote winner doesn’t win when a Republican wins. While trying not to trigger too many alarms by attempting too blatantly obvious fraud, they push up the vote total to a count that strategically infuriates Democrats most after the count is rendered meaningless by the electoral college. Election after election, they’ve been permitted to generate hatred and then direct it toward their political adversaries. It was clear on Election Night, before the 98-100% Biden ballot dumps and Dominion machines flipping votes from Trump to Biden, that Trump had won in a landslide. The system, however, was prepared this time to fake a winner by using the concert of corrupt mainstream media, corrupt big tech, the corrupt judicial system, corrupted electronic voting systems and how the American voting system is almost thoroughly corrupted by ill-intentioned Democrats to alter the rates for Biden in real-time after calculating how much fraud would be required to push just beyond recount limits.

What’s Next?

Instead of very entertainingly having eggs on their faces – on live TV in CNN and MSNBC’s cases – like in 2016, they delayed their eggs until this winter and disguised them under fake election uncertainty.

There is no actual power behind any of the hype that Biden will be President. All the reported preparations and appointments are a distractionary sideshow. The conversation will start to shift more to can he even become President, before our country discovers the answer is no.

Something may be going on with Joe Biden legally, of which we aren’t fully aware. A strange story about him playing with his dog, slipping on a rug and injuring his foot arose this week. My first instinct was that it was a cover story for an ankle bracelet because he may be under investigation pertaining to prior crimes and “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. The bones he purportedly hurt purportedly in his foot require not putting pressure on them for weeks to months, mandatorily confining him to a wheelchair. When the first pictures surfaced, it became clear that the problem is his ankle, so a new cover story emerged: it was both his foot and an ankle injury. This week, President Trump floated the idea of reintroducing the Insurrection Act to properly punish the perpetrators of 2020’s election fraud.

While the ankle bracelet hypothesis is still speculative and perhaps even irrelevant overall, investigations into what happened in the 2020 election are ongoing in every state: Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona. It is more expected than naught for corrupt Clinton-Obama judges to castrate and block investigations at the state level. So, the Trump legal team is mostly preparing for battles in the Supreme Court, where conservatives are favored.

Electors have the choice to either properly award electoral votes to Trump or simply admit their elections were too compromised to declare a winner. If there is no clear winner, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will become President on Inauguration Day. After that, if the law is followed, individual states will vote from the House of Representatives for the President, which overwhelmingly support Trump. Alternatively, if all the swing states dropped their electoral votes without assigning any to Trump, Trump would technically win because he’s been ahead since Election Day.

The Democrats responsible for the fraud, including big tech and all mainstream media outlets that unprecedentedly falsely declared a Presidential winner when they have zero authority to make that determination – the same parties warning of false declarations of a winner, attacking those who spoke out about the corruption coming associated with mail-in ballots – are obviously guilty of perpetuating an anti-American narrative and also interfering with the election process, which is an act of treason punishable by death. The only dignity-restoring, American thing to do is to get to the bottom of the election fraud given as much time as necessary, gather up the treasonous actors and shoot or hang them publicly.