5 out of 5 starsMichelle Robertson for Readers’ Favorite — Sep. 7, 2013

The Fall of America: The Rebellion Awakens by Geoff Linsley is a unique book that is well written with imaginative characters, but filled with researched facts backed and cited with their sources. The book would appeal to young adults and adults who are interested in American history, politics, and culture. The Fall of America is a suspenseful piece of literature providing the views of a young man who is thrown in a Michigan State prison at a young age and survives the system by taking an interest in learning the “behind the scenes” facts of American politicians, banks, historical figures, events, the decrease of morals and faith within the culture, and the downfall of society in general. Throughout his time spent reading and researching this new found knowledge, he struggles with his own thoughts and doubts the very information he is retaining. Feeling lost after learning that the world he grew up in and thought he knew is false, he begins extensive research on the subject, as well as ways to control his own emotions while living among the chaos prison has been so charitable to provide.

Geoff Linsley offers an outlook on what some would consider the present day downward spiral or fall of America and its morals, values, and the disintegration of the very foundation on which it is built. This book is not for everyone. Those who are interested in or have researched topics such as: government control, financial collapse, price increases, the conspiracies within the different government agencies, have an interest in the constitution, and know the specifics of a conservative party as well as a libertarian party may better appreciate this book. Those who are unfamiliar with the topics may want to do some research beforehand to ensure an understanding of the plot.

Reading this book, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information I had learned. This book may alter your view of the world we presently live in. I know this is true for me. A great read nevertheless.

4 out of 5 stars — Jerrod Harrison – May 20, 2013

“This book documents the events that have brought the US to the current state of economic collapse, dollar devaulation, and foreign control over the government. Other governments, rogue states, huge global banks and a handful of extremely rich and powerful families have conspired to control and ultimately bring down the US since even before her founding.

Our constitutional republic is being subverted by these forces. Business in America is being assaulted, individual liberties are being erased in the name of terrorism, and our government has been infiltrated by foreign usurpers intent on destroying our freedom and prosperity. False flag attacks are being perpetrated to justify martial law, the suspension of posse comitatus, and the willful disregard for the constitution.

The content of the book is incredible and consistent with my research. I’ve been studying the topics in the book on and off for 17 years but intently for the past 4 years. What the book offers that I haven’t found elsewhere is the big picture and a timeline of events throughout history that have contributed to the erosion of American culture and values.

This book is for you if:
– You wonder why your 401(k) account balance is less than the sum of contributions.
– You don’t understand why your property values and property taxes continue to rise, despite the housing market still in decline.
– You are concerned that food and other basic necessities continue to rise in price, while package quantities continue to decline.
– You don’t understand why government has amassed $17 TRILLION in debt but has endless funds for expanding federal agnecies, creating new agencies, hiring more and more police at every level, installing surveillance cameras at every intersection and along downtown streets across the entire country.
– You’ve heard about DOMESTIC federal agencies buying 2 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammunition, 2,700 tanks and 30,000 drones and aren’t sure what to think about it.
– You understand the difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy.
– You see the hipocracy of a government that makes abortion legal and prayer illegal.

The story itself is fiction but references are cited for all the factual information. I withheld one star because the transitions between the main character’s thoughts, his readings, what happens in the story, and actual events could have been smoother.

Overall, a great read and a good reference. Very thought provoking.”


5 out of 5 stars – – Jeffrey McKinley – – Oct. 17, 2012

“What a shame the title of this book will scare away many of those who need to read it most. The book is simply a work on science and how all the things that have been pointed to as proof that there has to be a supernatural power behind the wonders of the universe is a false assumption. This has to be one of my ten or fifteen most cherished volumes in my library.”

5 out of 5 stars – – Jadin1974 – – Apr. 20, 2011

“I’ve been a atheist for many a year now, but I did not have a single point of reference to look at when looking to expand and increase my foundations of thought, view, and understanding until I found this book. It is true, that in the beginning it’s a little like reading stereo instructions, but after passing threw that gauntlet of important base information I find the reading, over all, both enlightening and enriching.

At present, I keep this one with me a lot, as I read and reread chosen parts and write my own notes in the back. This book covers so much and has so much to offer to a dedicated reader. I am more then happy to give it 5 stars.

I am most thankful to Geoff Linsley for the time he put into this book, and his openness to being contacted when one has questions. Thank you.”

4 out of 5 stars – – Terry Smith – – Nov. 4, 2010

“This book gives a really good description of how our universe and world came to be without needing a deity to do it! It is nicely broken down into small units and the author lets you know if you need to memorize some sections in order to understand some parts. Another thing I liked was that he describes an Atheistic spirituality as an alternative to theistic religion. His explanation of meditation is one of the best I have read in awhile. I thought the illustrations where very helpful in understanding some of the more complex ideas.”