The Fall of America: The Rebellion Awakens

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Available March 22, 2013

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A bloodthirsty judge railroads an unfortunate seventeen year old, who is tried as an adult and sent to prison. From inside the machine he learns about the gears that turn both the prison system and the economic control grid from which its power is derived, unraveling their hidden, terrifying relations. Sporting a dangerous combination of intelligence, charisma and rebelliousness, the convict adapts to and plucks from his tumultuous environment the many intellectual fruits he discovers.

A search for the truth guides him as his life begins to coincide with national history and the modern fight being waged between freedom lovers and tyrannical control freaks. Knowledge soon compels him to join a forming nationwide rebellion against the forces currently orchestrating the imminent fall of America.

Based on a true story, The Fall of America: The Rebellion Awakens, can be read as a prequel to George Orwell’s dystopic 1984 or the Wachowski brothers’ film V for Vendetta. Encapsulated within the story is a guidebook that teaches the united States and the world how to truly discover or rediscover freedom.

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