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Boston Marathon Bombers Framed: FBI, DHS Prime Suspects

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Available Apr. 4th, 2016

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The Fall of America: The Rebellion Awakens

Free Sample: Chapters 1-5 .PDF

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Available Mar. 22nd, 2013

The Atheist’s Bible: How Science Eliminates Theism

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An Orientation to Existence

The Book of Existence – Introduction

Part A:

Unit One: Theories of the Past

Ch 1: The Birth of Modern Thinking

Ch 2: Absolute Time and Space

Ch 3: General Relativity

Ch 4: What’s the Matter?

Ch 5: Quantum Mechanics

Unit Two: The Music of Our Existence

Ch 6: Nature’s Hidden Tunes

Ch 7: Symmetries and Superstrings

Ch 8: A Closer Look Into String Theory

Ch 9: Mystery Theory

Unit Three: The Infinite Beauty

Ch 10: Infinity: Deity or Piety?

Unit Four: Membranes and the Modern Cosmological Picture

Ch 11: The Journey to the Familiar Universe

Ch 12: The Cycle of the Atom Machines

Ch 13: Black Membranes

Ch 14: Our Spiral and Star Systems

Unit Five: The Giant Ball We Call the Earth

Ch 15: How the Cookie Crumbles

Ch 16: Rising in the Oven

Ch 17: Just Add Water and Bake

Part B:

Unit Six: Evolution vs. Creationism

Ch 18: Two Conflicting Views

Ch 19: The Basics of Evolution

Unit Seven: The Spark of Life

Ch 20: From the Dust

Ch 21: The Photosynthetic Factory

Ch 22: The Breath of Life

Ch 23: Colonial Sex

Unit Eight: When Cells Clump

Ch 24: Jobs for Cells

Ch 25: Stimuli and the Senses

Ch 26: Ecosystems and Energies

Ch 27: What Can Happen During 370 Million Years of Evolution

Unit Nine: The Evolution of Mankind

Ch 28: A Monkey Out of Me in the Tertiary

Ch 29: What Missing Link?

Ch 30: Cold Nights and a Paintbrush

Ch 31: Concluding Thoughts


The Book of Thought – Introduction

Unit One: The Science of Ourselves

Ch 1: Brain Basics

Ch 2: The Origins of Memory

Ch 3: Who Am I?

Ch 4: Why Am I?

Ch 5: The United States of a Consciousness

Unit Two: The Origins of Religion

Ch 6: The Origins of Religion

Ch 7: The Origins of Monotheism

Ch 8: The Origins of Christianity

Ch 9: Unveiling Christianity

Unit Three: Commonalities and Epiphanies

Ch 10: Religions and Mental Health

Ch 11: Epiphanies in Thought

Ch 12: Why Atheism?


The Book of the Unknown – Introduction

Unit One: The UFO Mysteries

Ch 1: Foo Fighters

Ch 2: Who’s UFOs?

Ch 3: Aliens and Atlantis

Ch 4: Is Time Travel Possible?

Ch 5: Crop Circles and the Devil’s Footprints

Unit Two: Extra-sensory Perception

Ch 6: Knowing Thyself

Ch 7: The Fifth Dimension

Ch 8: Telepathy

Ch 9: Clairvoyance

Ch 10: Precognition

Ch 11: The Energy Around Us

Ch 12: Telekinesis

Ch 13: Famous Combinations of the Three Classes

Unit Three: The Afterlife

Ch 14: Getting Acquainted with Ghosts

Ch 15: The Afterlife: Near-death Experiences

Ch 16: Life, Continued?

Ch 17: Getting Reacquainted with Ghosts

Ch 18: The Grand Conclusion


Finding Inner Peace

A Guide to Life


Topic Reference


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