Election 2020: a Pre-programming Guide


Election 2020: a pre-programming guide to help you prepare.
Please note that there would be no pre-programming guide available to you if it weren’t for the careful planning done by your rulers in their anti-human system of enslaving you and your loved ones.

No Debates

You can not be allowed to watch your President in a live debate with his competitor this election.

Even most Democrats know getting Biden out of the basement, speaking or not, is not good for the survival rate of their ticket. The vulnerability couldn’t be more obvious. It even led the Trump campaign to try to get the Biden camp to formally confirm he is actually serious about facing him in a debate. Nancy Pelosi has tried to sell the idea that Biden is too morally superior to entertain a debate with Trump.

If we all of a sudden discover Biden is unfit, it would first get Kamala onto the stage. She, however, is more disliked by Democrats as a Presidential candidate than liked, her ticket having fallen apart after an initially premiere position bestowed by mainstream media followed by an embarrassing performance in the Democrat debates. Everyone knows it’s not normal to store her in a basement until a month before an election, so she will be forced to speak and reveal how unlikable she is to the many who are just tuning in now. Democrats already decided they don’t like her and she doesn’t stack up well in polls relative to Trump.

How must this be remedied? If Biden doesn’t ask Hillary to replace him before the first debate on September 29th, the debates will need to not be live. A live Joe would permanently drop Democrats a percentage point every five minutes they debate and there are three debates. Instead, Trump may be asked live questions but Biden will appear over a screen. It will be made to appear as if Biden is answering questions live but Democrats are still doubling down on their obviously worthless poker hand, so they have now forced themselves to pre-record his answers to mainstream media’s “curated” questions. A pre-recorded “debate” is no debate at all.

The questions will need to be shaped in ways that dramatically trim Trump’s ability to list his administration’s accomplishments. The Administration will likely post Internet-based supplements to attempt to compensate for the savage attack on their ability to properly campaign – election meddling – but mainstream media knows few anti-Trumpers will choose to be honest enough to even look.

Mail-in Voting… for Whom?

Among many blowing the whistle, mail-in voting fraud was popularized by former Democrat President Jimmy Carter. Not ironically, in the last few months, he was pressured by Democrats to reverse his irreversibly true public sentiment about the known fraud. Everything possible is being done to fudge the integrity of mail-in voting. Anti-Trump mail carriers can just throw away ballots from Republican districts with zero oversight. Anti-Trump election officials can also dispose of them whimsically.

Despite having been used for decades, there is no intellectual argument that mail-in voting is an effective means of generating an honest vote because there is no way to stop the many means of corrupting it. A mail-in ballot is not an absentee ballot, which is registered and requested by the voter, rather than forced upon cats who died years ago or criminals who long to vote a dozen times.

That doesn’t mean what is happening with absentee ballots is not also election meddling in broad daylight. New York set up an insecure access portal for requesting them. Another example of many nationally is Facebook election meddling by reminding certain groups, such as unaffiliated voters and Democrats only, to vote Democrat-style, which volunteers the power to tally to the criminals seeking to corrupt.

In 2016, voting fraud was not enough to suppress the electoral vote but was enough to change the “official” tally and winner of the popular vote. Mail-in ballots for the 2020 election in some places are up a hundred fold.


The first widespread mail-in ballot fraud in a Presidential election happened in 1864 when the slave-owning Democrats tried to ensure victory against Abraham Lincoln. This strategy was tried in the Presidential election just after Congress walked out sine die in regards to taxation disputes, leaving a vacuum rather than a capable, lawful legislative body with the Constitutional authority to run Congress – a key event in the build up to the Civil War.


The Trump Administration has struck back with legislation in a slew of states, such as Iowa, New Jersey and swing state Pennsylvania. Trump has already floated the idea of delaying the election until the well known security errors pertaining to mail-in voting have been resolved so the American people can receive the fairest 2020 election possible.

Given Biden is forced to reveal his mental state by getting out more and occasionally hopping off script, the public will quickly realize he’s probably best scooped up and permanently sent to either a convalescent home or a CSC wing in a prison. The only other option would be to abruptly introduce a new choice. The magic in pulling a switcheroo is that many were pressured into voting by mail already for Biden, which equals a recorded vote for whichever Democrat actually runs. If Democrats lose confidence in a pre-election bait and switch and instead try to wait until months after inauguration, which is probably the best case scenario for Trump’s campaign, Democrats will be completely relying on both Biden to stay out of sight and the triumph of organized crime media-induced, artistically-amplified anti-Trumpism.

The most likely candidate to walk on is still Hillary Clinton, since the Clinton swamp even more than the Obama swamp controls Biden’s ticket. With their ballots already mailed, the never Hillary Democrats will have already voted for Hillary publicly becoming President, rather than merely securing her role for the next four years from the eerie shadows of the deep state controlling the Presidency.

Election Uncertainty

Given the current momentum of the campaigns, Trump looks set to win NC, OH, IA, GA and TX. FL, AZ and WI are presently favored to vote Democrat given the constant bombardment of transparently garbage mainstream media polling, like in 2016; but that year they actually went with Trump. As of 2018, the one electoral vote that went to Trump from Maine’s rural second district in 2016 is no longer decided by that district, replaced by a representation derived from the statewide popular vote.

The necessary and best case scenario for Democrats is to hold onto MN, MI, PA and NH. It would spell a 269-269 tie.

A tie happened during the Presidential election of 1800. Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr each won 73 electoral votes, while Adams won 65 and Pickney won 64. It necessitated a contingent election in the House of Representatives, led by the House Speaker. Alexander Hamilton convinced many Federalists to suddenly support Jefferson, which broke the gridlock. Jefferson was not elected until February 17, 1801.

In the event of election result uncertainty, Biden said June 15th that the deep state plans to “forcibly remove Trump” [6:22]. A top general has since voiced that the military will not actually intervene.

As mail-in votes keep piling in like never before after November 3rd, the informed American will be required to visit alternative media to get enough facts to be able to discern what is happening.

Civil War 2.0

What lies ahead for America? There are only two possibilities.

Option A: the return to the establishment candidate, the flower, Biden wins. The establishment regains its long-held, undisputed, complete stranglehold. The public is very unhappy with the establishment, which has torched its own soft power by sponsoring race rioting amid a pandemic and abandoning intellectual fortitude for purely childish, unbridled emotion. Their media outlets overinflated covid-19’s threat and the average Democrat sympathizer is much more fearfully concerned than the average tax-paying Trump supporter. Many exist who are pissed off for all the right reasons at their governments and still have enough power to fight back harder than ever demonstrated in human history. Publicly removing the loudest voices in the resistance will generate ten more leaders each time.

Perhaps the biggest win for Democrats if they seize power is to regain Presidential-level control during the Greatest Depression coming starting in 2021, which could last the whole decade. In the tragedy, Democrats would try to declare America incompetent, failed and dead. They would push for a Green New Deal and reparations as solutions to the impractical so-called problems Democrats are artificially crafting into existence and desperately holding in place. In the vacuum of power, our property, pursuits of prosperity and lives would be handed over to international bodies run by international organized crime. If America submits, they will surrender all personal rights, which will be forfeited due to the actions of the biggest organized criminals humanity has ever known.

Option B: Trump wins. Many believe securing the next four years will quell the political unrest. The problem is that it’s not solely political unrest due to disagreements. The political and covid-19 turmoil is mostly an economic tragedy, the kind that can’t get resolved without a hefty correction. Each person “saved” from covid-19 by letting terrorists tell us it’s OK to stop commerce cost $7 million; and no, you weren’t asked if you just wanted to retire well with the cash while risking catching covid-19. The amount of pain we unquestionably deserve for letting this happen may be unfathomable. A massive market correction, signifying a return closer to reality, would send not just dozens but a hundred or two million Americans to food lines. Freebies and food, of course, eventually run out if they aren’t being adequately produced, which is not possible in a crumbling economy.

All the establishment’s stops would still get pulled, according to plan. The freedom movement would take blame in pop culture, mainstream media and organized crime’s history books. It would serve as a lesson teaching every slave who grovels to evil that they must never pretend to have any moral intelligence or dignity ever again – that government is not transparently less than uselessly parasitic but instead your necessary, permanent ruler.

Trump may be able to block the current plan to force citizens into socialist work brigades, some of the deliberate sabotage of the economy, some of the trampling over our rights, some of the offshoring of American power, the way the opposite of history will become the official narrative, etc. The public would need to choose to embrace their frustratingly difficult but existent breath of life in order to finally tie down the globalists, take total revenge and build back what was whimsically forfeited by pretending it was OK to both lockdown and selfishly avoid reality for decades while all the necessary clues were well revealed that all of this was being prepared for us.

Another pandemic will come that is actually lethal because too much surrendering happened in regard to covid-19 politics. The political right is being trained to not take Pandemic 2 seriously by being forced to follow government orders for Pandemic 1 that are clearly not OK to unquestioningly follow. The other side politically is paralzed in unintelligent fear now but will claim to have always been smart as Pandemic 2 spreads. It must be recognized that the medical establishment is too corrupt to be handed any political power, which is the direction the Trump Administration stumbled forth with at least at first, especially by not voicing stronger the illegality and ruthless nature of some governors’ policies.


In either option, the plan for America was determined long ago by the supercriminals who took control of the system. The philanthropists and corporations which have been funding and supporting BLM and ANTIFA are actually communists busy at work, tactfully dismantling the pillars of America. The goal of their financial backers, whether they know it or not, is to erect communism by eliminating American economic supremacy. They will pose as the saviors during the well planned meltdown of society, executed through tyrannical government responses.

Democrats and many compromised Republicans have accepted monetary compensation from the Chinese communists and other American enemies to act as terrorists in their positions of power. For instance, Democrat governors were caught engaging in Joker-level villainy in plain sight seeding nursing homes with covid-19 very early, way before numbers were meaningfully rising, to dramatically amplify the overall death count. People get sick so they don’t care much about contagion. They only get scared if deaths climb.

Those just going along with the plan to deal with the pandemic that never was are lost marveling at the beast (the “pros,” the “authorities,” the widespread regurgitations, the idea that someone else may know better), while simultaneously disbelieving there is any way good people can successfully resist global technocracy: permanent, robot-controlled neo-feudalism. In this end game scenario for the common citizen, the overlords believe they have now advanced enough to maintain power without critical technological or rebellion-stoked consequences.

The UN is unveiling plans to put embargoes on countries that don’t comply with forcible vaccination within a year. It has become a do or die scenario for the privately-run global government bodies, such as the Chinese-run WHO and the UN.

It is most important to note that trusting a vaccine that has any known serious side effects after extensive testing is like jumping off a mountainous cliff to avoid a car that may not hit you; but the first vaccines will likely be generic and foreign. You wouldn’t ship food from a Russian or Chinese restaurant to your house to put in your body when there are homegrown, home-served alternatives. Significant injury and death rates from the vaccine, on top of possible complications from the inclusions of poisons and microbioweapons, will be disguised in plain sight as more covid-19 death.

The small fraction of the public which wants to die with any dignity will not comply.


After 8 years of strangulation from Obama and decades of puppets puppeteered by the evil oligarchs who puppeted Obama, the only breath of life the American people had was witnessing during the 2016 election that our voting system still works. Word started to get out in mid-October in alternative media that Trump was set to win, which sparked a long blastoff in US and international markets. This year, Trump will appear to have won in a landslide on election day because the working, good people go out and vote after work. Well planned after election day mail-in ballot tally changes are being planned, deliberately designed to strangle to death the idea that America’s elections are still fair – the very last vestige of the once greatest political system ever made, handed down to us by our forefathers through armed frustration and the decision by a small fraction of the public to maintain our dignity, to not just be slaves to evil.

Hillary and Bill are telling Biden to not concede “under any circumstance.” Don’t forget: Hillary and Bill own the government’s covid-19 contact tracing programs. About 90% of covid-19 tests are known to yield false positives and about 90% of covid-19 positive patients are known to not be contagious (because they aren’t actually infected.) Herd immunity can occur once 10-20% acquires natural immunity but we are forced to lockdown into a martial law scenario to stop nature from helping. This egregious medical fraud disguised as unconfirmed incompetence was explicitly purposeful: they are trying to detect human DNA, not specifically covid-19 DNA, in their PCR test primer sequence. There was never as much as a shred of honesty in media reports regarding the virulence of covid-19 or the validity of the tests – it was 100% based within history’s biggest international medical con job. A real virus probably leaked from Wuhan but the entire response and all the authoritative posturings have been based on entirely fake news regurgitated by naive followers. Getting as many participants as possible to register as new positive cases creates a fear-based catalyst for more sheeplike volunteers enrolling themselves as unwitting accomplices in the grand medical crime. They have been brainwashed into believing they are doing the right thing while inducting themselves into a medical tyranny – one of the most oppressive types possible, including the removal of all rights. Even if Hillary doesn’t force herself directly into the Presidency in January, a Cabinet position that bestows her with medical authority would be to plan and would help her carry out her FEMA plans, largely or completely, before she chooses to publicly surface as the hand that has been controlling Biden by being appointed President by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Judge John Roberts in the Supreme Court, however, can stop this plan in its tracks.

The Great Reset – the Scheduled End of American Dominance

The great goal of Democrats in sowing the seeds of and not disavowing chaos, looting and violence is purposeful collapse. They’ve made the kinds of backroom deals with America’s enemies that they can’t screw up without ending up dead or missing. The other side of an economic collapse in America will be an economic collapse internationally. All games will end that day. It will be the worst day in American history, the day the Federal Reserve note ceases to be the world reserve currency. The value of the dollar may plummet to almost half its value overnight.

Some asian countries have been posturing for many years to exit holding and needing to interface via US dollars. China has mostly detached and the Yuan is the greatest alternative existent to a new world reserve currency, which would be based on the currencies of the strongest Asian countries. Much of Asia would partially stay online but the Western World would be forced to face its demons immediately.

We Americans have been spoiled. It hasn’t been fair how much easier the economy has been for us. America was once valued as the world’s beacon of freedom, which yielded economic confidence. We have instead been worshipping at the altar of fear and anti-white hatred. The Americans who have been spoiled by America’s blessings but don’t have lineages of success in building a respectable future will lose their dark, naturally unjustified niche in existence. It will be a purely economic problem based on letting criminals control our financial system but the average non-white will be enticed by foreign insurrection agents, Hollywood and mainstream media’s call to confuse it as a race war perpetuated by the average quintessentially decent, freedom-loving, white American.

Black Lives Matter is financed by evil oligarchs and corporations not to promote fixing racial injustice via idiotic chaos but rather to quickly alter the opinions that whites have of blacks. Most white people have never spent a meaningful amount of time in a black community. They only know blacks from either TV or the few who have successfully integrated into their lives, which leads them to believe those samples well represent the demographic as a whole, analogous to only focusing on imprisoned blacks. Shouting “Black Lives Matter” but then rioting, saying “I can’t breathe” while looting, suddenly flips in front of everyone Hollywood’s force fed positive and restrained negative stereotypes of the black community as a whole. In all mostly white-founded countries, there was once no question that all lives matter. Black Lives Matter is meant to disguise an economic tragedy as race war to distract from the fact that our rulers intricately planned all this, including a total, permanent hell designed for all our children.

The austerity measures of the Great Reset for the common slave will be the openings of new doorways to our technological enslavement. The World Economic Forum has been planning it for years. The term is now common lingo shared between international, world-bossing, globalist-controlled institutions. They view medical enslavement as necessary in the next phase of humanity mainly as a means to control rebels by removing them from society based on evidence the public can’t readily replicate. You won’t be flying unless you have your vaccine certificates, associated with the new REAL ID system once set for completion 10/1/2020 but now practically delayed until October 2021. Poverty must flourish in order to quell possible competition. Cash use must end because the globalists need to be able to turn off your electronic purchasing power on demand if you choose to be a good person about the evil takeover of society. Only the hellbound shall apply and that wasn’t carefully crafted by accident – welcome to the makings of the death star’s imperial army. The ability to congregate must be dramatically limited because many are quickly awakening to just being pathetic servants of evil. They are rebelling against going along to get along and taking that life summary to the grave.

Are we capable of resisting the coming tide long planned by globalists to ensure their long-term global domination? That will be up to how seriously we choose to take what is obviously serious.