What’s Still to Come before the 2020 Election?


What’s still to come before the 2020 election? Much has happened already in 2020. Let’s recap.

In January, the World Health Organization told us to not worry much about the Wuhan novel coronavirus covid-19: that it was not highly contagious through the air and that there is no evidence of masks being effective at hindering transmission. In March, all of a sudden, everyone was advised to wear masks, which are too compositionally separated to stop the very small virus.

An N95 mask is named for its efficacy: it’s only known to be 95% effective. The average cough disperses 3,000 drops of saliva, as well as thousands of bacteria and other salivary contents. So the average cough through even an N95 mask allows through 150 drops of saliva as well as thousands of bacteria. A cloth facemask is mostly useless against preventing viral transmission and becomes a germ factory that directly assists foreign invaders in infecting the wearer, whereas viruses and bacteria may become naturally neutralized in the air or the sun. Wearing a mask raises CO2 uptake, which creates an unsafe breathing environment and acidifies the blood, which lowers the vitality of the immune system. Unless performing surgery or a very small list of other exceptional tasks, the absolute worst case scenario medically is to freak out and imagine it’s actually OK to wear a mask long-term.

A month after the lockdown, it was revealed that, in mid-September 2019, an outbreak already existed miles away from Wuhan. In June, it was discovered the virus apparently had been in Wuhan since August 2019, as evidenced by an uptick in hospitalized patients. Whether the virus was released deliberately or accidentally is still up for debate.

Problem, Reaction, Solution

The answer to the coronavirus having been in global circulation from China since fall 2019 became a lockdown of the Western World in March 2020 that has yet to fully end. What medical sense is there to locking down? Absolutely none. Since all that’s separating apartments is a thin wall including a hole for ventilation, there is nothing keeping a cougher in Apartment 2 from passing the virus to everyone in Apartment 3, and so on. UV radiation and high humidity, however, kill covid-19. Staying away from the sun stymies some bodily functions, such as Vitamin D production, which immune systems require. Locking down long-term is actually a worst case scenario for managing an illness which brings no true medical benefits. Not locking down while treating the illness like a typical cold preserves all of nature’s defenses.

Another important consideration is the possibilities which may arise from mutation. Isolation may catalyze more dangerous mutations of an already deadly virus. When a virus exists in a population allowed to move and associate freely, it usually mutates into a direction out of harm’s way rather than into it. Isolation delays the inevitable herd immunity response required in order to steer everyone away from the dangers of the pandemic.

When many humans, like any other animal, remain in contact with each other, herd immunity forms naturally. A genetic blueprint for fighting the illness is expressed through mother’s milk to update, build and improve upon the next generation’s immune systems.

A medical myth is that vaccines can provide populations with herd immunity if everyone gets vaccinated. In their next breaths, those who buy the myth berate anyone who’s smart enough to notice that any vaccinated individual being in danger supposedly because of the unvaccinated can only possibly point to one thing: vaccine inefficacy – an elaborate medical con job that continues only because of the gullible schmucks who believe it’s real. Flu vaccines don’t work. Even the numbers from the guys trying to cover their butts say the 2014-15 seasonal flu vaccine, for instance, was only “19%” effective. While that year’s efforts were particularly useless, it’s not a fluke relative to even the government reported average efficacy of vaccines for viruses. The idea that someone will make a vaccine that will actually make a flu of any kind, coronavirus or whatever, go away is mostly rejected by modern science, not supported by it.

The two meter rule may at first appear to be a common sense guideline but even it is critically wrong. About ¾ of coughs and sneezes drop within the first meter. After that, the air mixes with the several meters surrounding it. Only a fraction from the remaining quarter are avoided by staying a second meter apart; and it’s a virtually irrelevant fraction if you’re already very likely to get bombarded by some coronavirus, anyway. The second meter, however, dramatically impedes small business’ ability to function. Most everyone has gone along with it in the name of safety, collecting a stimulus check or two for now, holding faith that the economy will hold up and the medical establishment wouldn’t deliberately steer them off cliffs.

In the wake of NIH Director Anthoney Fauci explaining masks aren’t effective at stopping covid-19, and then completely flipping and recommending them, the cover story for the spin became that Fauci lied innocently because there was an initial medical mask shortage.

It also turns out Fauci’s NIH financed coronavirus research in bats at the Chinese Wuhan lab and Fauci has an interest along with Bill Gates in the mass production of the vaccine.

Despite making zero medical sense, the lockdown did accomplish things.

Post-911, the liberty movement has blossomed in the United States, in lieu of Bush and Obama’s dollar-imploding stimulus/bailouts. In 2012, the military got privy to deep state plans to imprison the political far right, a reboot of the Russian Revolution; and many rebelled. Obamacare was our owners’ ideal institutionalization of a medical tyranny – the most hardcore form possible – by placing authority over your body into the hands of the state. The military rebelling comprised much of the muscle in the movement that chose Trump as its Presidential figurehead. Parts of Obamacare have since been ruled unconstitutional, brushing up against criminal or treasonous, but most of the structure has yet to be trashed permanently.

Moving forward with a long-planned medical lockdown, despite the virus having already infected the whole world, undeniably had nothing to do with the coronavirus. It was a live exercise – an entirely political operation to shift the Western World toward Chinese-style communism driven by long-seeded communist embeds in government. We are witnessing both the exact radical left playbook that’s been set up without much resistance since shortly after World War 2 and the progressivist globalist playbook that has been in action for well over a hundred years culminating at the same time. Political salesmen of the lockdown have contracted their souls to America’s biggest enemies: Eurasian oligarchs. We American cattle have been promised to them by Democrat Party leaders. The trouble for them is that Trump and the freedom movement specifically have been rebuilding and repositioning the American economy, military and national dialogue in ways that have thrown massive monkey wrenches into their plans. Their true public support has died and they have become a ticket of hate relying on financed civil unrest and fraud to survive. America and the nations resisting globalism can’t have a much better economy come election time because Democrats, the Labour Party, socialists, communists and the like, bringing to the table no leadership and no accomplishments, know they will surely get deeply embarrassed again in the event of fair elections.

The tactic shared between the communist Chinese and their partners, the socialist/communist Democrats, became to lockdown Wuhan and later pretend the authoritarianism helped medically, while shutting down domestic flights and restricting basic domestic travel but continuing international flights. The deliberate spreading of the virus became the excuse to shut down the global economy. Trump was cornered into either shutting down his bolstering economy or looking negligent about our health. “[T]hey said, ‘Close it down. You have to close it down….’”

Fear has been driven by Chinese coronavirus test kits in some cases spreading the illness and in many cases showing false positives. India cancelled an order for half a million Chinese test kits because they learned they are only 5% effective. The more testing we do, the more the President looks like he’s got it under control; but when the tests are best case faulty, worst case deliberately fraudulent, more tests means more perceived pandemic. It shouldn’t, because it proves the death rate is dramatically less than originally reported, but it just spreads the fear that the US is out of control, which gets aimed at Trump by his adversaries instantly. Both those who glorify the medical establishment and those oblivious to what money is or how the economy functions went along with the validity of the lockdown, the reported cases and the reported high death rate obediently and unquestioningly.

Everything happening now was required for the deep state, which is under legislative attacks and is facing time in both court and prison. Time is running out for them. Spygate, for instance, has in-the-bagged the opportunity to throw Barack Obama in prison until he dies. Democrats know that their whole house of cards will fall down if Barack, or Hillary (set for court Sep. 9th), or other high-level Democrats face justice. They NEED everything to collapse in order to disguise the relevance of the opportunity to remove them from power, prosecute them and expose their treasonous actions against America. Having dramatically parted ideologically from globalism in recent years and having swept across much of the Western World, the freedom movement is severing from Democrats and big government, so both NEEDED society to crumble in order to sell the idea that freedom from them is not a viable option. They are counting on the general public to be completely focused on the discomforts of our present situation in contrast to four years ago while completely forgetting that it was the Democrats and their allies, employing their philanthropic and terroristic arms, who caused it all.

Their plan was to drag it out for as long as possible, which they knew couldn’t last forever without people eventually giving up on caring about next to nothing. The fear of the coronavirus has died immensely, so something new was needed to distract from reality. All of a sudden, the followers who were told to perceive anyone who questions the “orders” of the “medical establishment” as a selfish demon (while forcing the most selfish solution possible – isolation) became in favor of encouraging blacks onto the street to riot and loot. Was it just coincidence that the veneer of society was economically stretched so thin that homelessness became rampant and food shortages of common goods hit Americans just before early May? George Floyd’s death, something his family said he would NOT want chaotically paraded, became the excuse for the economic devastation caused by the lockdown, which only happened because of pressure from Democrats, mainstream media, the corporatocracy and the privately-funded medical establishment. He died of cardiopulmonary arrest later in the hospital triggered by a fatal fentanyl overdose but was deemed a covid-19 death just as everyone else who happened to die while declared covid-19 positive. The naive confused Floyd’s passing out under the cop’s knee as dying on the scene. No sane court could convict the four police being charged with murder, which, after mainstream media celebrated their arrests, is fantastic if the goal is to amp up future race riots, especially if Obama finally faces justice.

Total chaos is being sold to us and we’re supposed to be dumb enough to blame everything on Trump to entice us to divorce from the liberty movement and consent to total robotic tyranny run by the greatest criminals the world has ever seen. The difference between previous tyrannies and the one being set up is that the present one, if it encloses fully around us, can entrap us and our children forever.

What’s Still to Come before the 2020 Election

Joe Biden is scheduled to bow out. While it could happen at any time, even after the election, presently the plan is to kick him to the curb during or very near the Democrat convention, which has been rescheduled due to covid-19 from June to August 17-20 and newly will be almost entirely virtual. Biden is fully compromised: by scandal with Obama, scandal with his son Hunter, racist clips, giving underage girls inappropriate attention on camera, photoed kissing a 15 year old, etc… Not to mention he isn’t medically fit and can’t string together a sentence without a gaf. Bill and Hillary still have vast control over the lingering Obama/Biden camp and would effectively hold the Presidency partially again even if Biden won; but he’s not a playable character because of complications from brain surgery. Hillary Clinton is preparing to boldly step on in his place, with Barack Obama presently in mind as her VP.

In the 1980s, Bill and Hillary Clinton learned of FEMAs late-1970s plans to invoke an emergency state wherein all power would be returned back to the families who formed the tyrannical governments from which our ancestors escaped – the same families we fought the American Revolution against, plus some newcomers.

When Bill became President, he fired all US attorneys day 1. Trump did not do that because he didn’t have qualified replacements ready. Bill, however, was able to make the modern day “swamp” by filing in gangs of criminals who all bow to the same infectious marching orders. The Bushes and the Clintons are cronies. The Clintons ran most of the Obama Administration from the swamp, which grew to span across most to all governmental lines rather than just the judicial system. In their long-standing plans, the goal of their vast criminal conspiracy has been to install Hillary. She was to be the caretaker of the medical takeover and the undertaker of America – the mom who tells us to not be naughty and follow tyrannical orders unquestioningly. Today’s covid-19 contact tracing programs are run by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

We are witnessing the scheduled takedown of America and the Western World. Originally, the Presidency and the military were supposed to have been compromised, the final death nails in our coffins, but an anomaly emerged in 2016 and now a new sheriff is in town. He may not have been graceful during every step of the covid-19 hysteria but having him there to tell us later on that the WHO was a bad guy by deliberately reporting misinformation, that China was a deliberate incubator and distributor of the virus, that locking down the economy will do far more harm than possible good, that Democrats are making it entirely political, etc. has made what they thought would be a much more stable transition into a new technological but medieval-style total tyranny a dramatically bumpy one, moving slower than planned and facing far more common sense backlash than anticipated, or perhaps tolerable.

A second wave of covid-19 is being sold by mainstream media to sell more mail-in voting, which is corruptible by hand upon receipt from private residences. It’s been known as “the largest source of potential voting fraud” but the establishment politicians who fought it in the past now want it in order to regain control.

Every election, Democrats get confused and forget we don’t and have never lived in a democracy – the electoral college votes for the President of our Constitutional Republic. So Democrats send in votes from dead people, illegals, multiple votes per person, they alter ballots, ship in boxes of forged ballots, etc. Mail-in votes, however, would only matter if the plan is to skip the electoral college and pretend the popular vote is enough to install Hillary, or if there were an electoral college tie. Its influence, carefully embedded into our electoral system by our foresightful forefathers, must become jeopardized in order for Democrats to win. Any known chicanery in the voting results helping Hillary will be dismissed and, if Trump’s Presidency becomes uncertain in the slightest, he will be forcibly removed from office. Democrats, who tend to run voting precincts nationwide, are already announcing no election winner will be decided for weeks or longer.

The second wave will likely be used as the excuse to cancel a real Presidential debate, which will muzzle Trump’s accomplishments and disguise how Democrats have nothing to say. The count of cases in the US because of unprecedented testing will be used to push the idea that we are losing our battle with the virus this fall, while the plummeting known death rate, the entire point of all the hysteria, will continue to be ignored. Some states will move to ban his rallies.

Once the covid-19 hysteria starts to wear off, we’ll witness more sponsored racial agitation, then more covid-19, until a new, deadlier virus comes…. If that stops being effective at scaring people into submission and distracting them from all that demands their attention, new trouble will replace it. Everything is on the line for the super criminals who have been running the black markets such as child kidnapping through the government, so anything could come: mass shootings, terror attacks staged to frame the freedom-loving, maybe even an EMP attack or a nuclear explosion. Anything to distract, scare and ruin – total, quintessential terrorism. The goal is to keep the carefully planned chaos rolling so fast, most surrender to the fear and the illegitimacy of Hillary’s FEMA dream of putting the good people into internment camps, killing the rebels and leaving only the most demonically, selfishly servile to participate in humanity’s future.

Unemployment funds will run out 7/31/2020, making August the delayed point of pain for most Americans – the coming, true consequences for thinking it was cute to be obedient to the thoroughly corrupt medical establishment and lockdown the economy. Late summer through at least December will consist of total, pre-planned chaos, including a realistically non-playable Democrat candidate – the ideal stage for Hillary’s appearance, popularity-driven or not.

If Hillary reclaims power during the next Presidential term, she will inherit the collapse of the US dollarthe world reserve currency. She has FEMA internment “fun camps” planned for the adults who will be begging for food. The Federal government under the UN’s direction will mobilize citizens into work brigades as planned into law in Executive Order 11000.

Given another Trump Presidency, the suffocation of total tyranny will become partialized by the freedom movement being in the White House, which has been helping to guide decent, freedom-loving Americans. Prosecutions of the deep state may actually start. A chance to recover in a meaningful way may exist given a well thought out transition to a stable currency run by the US government, including the nationalization of the Federal Reserve. Recovery will require divorcing from the Roman Civil Law mentality of the political left, which uses each Democrat’s selfishness against them, enticing them to lead themselves toward cheering for a democracy (mob rule.) After many decades of having been cast on this course, and given the coming court dates for the leaders of the political left, enslavement by a communist revolution financed by a globalist fascist corporatocracy, muscled by China, may finally become escapable; but it’s time to man up, face the facts and the consequences that have arisen from decades of denial and neglect.

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